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Field Trip Info

Field Trips

Teachers strongly prefer students go with and remain with their class on field trips because field trips are limited and provide students an opportunity to share the experience with their peers.

Should a parent wish to sign a student out while the student is on a school field trip, the following procedures are in place to ensure the signing out is conducted safely and to the correct individual.

* The individual signing the student out must be their parent or guardian listed on the emergency card.

* The parent/guardian must provide photo ID of the parent or guardian who will be signing the
student out
to the office AT LEAST ONE HOUR PRIOR TO the field trip leaving school.

* This allows the office staff an opportunity to verify the ID through the District's Security and Megan's
Law System for safety purposes.

* The office will give a photocopy of the ID to the teacher to be used to match it to the individual picking
up the student at the location.

* The parent/guardian will then sign the teacher’s sheet with the copy of the photo ID.

NOTE: Students may not be taken directly from a field trip without following the above safety procedures.

Parent/Guardian Taking their Child to a Field Trip Location

A parent taking a child to the location of the field trip is solely and legally responsible for their child. The school will not pay for student or parent/guardian admissions. Students also may not be dropped off at a location to join a field trip.

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